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Using SAI

I thank an awesome friend for introducing me to such an AWESOME PROGRAM. It seriously makes my drawings look 10 times better than what they are in reality -______-
Well honestly it is my very first time colouring hahahaha..yes I'm n00b, let alone first time drawing TYL Dino? If he turned out total douche please cut me some slack -cries-. I didn't realise I had the wrong arm showing, thus I had to draw his tattoo which I was trying to avoid. I should seriously go on LJ more often...blehh.

I might have killed my Vista Pad...after furiously scribbling haha.


Life couldn't be any worse.

For the past ten years of my schooling life. From primary to high school, I've had to put up with alot of crap, and now I'm almost at the point of a breakdown. When I was in my last year of primary I'd already planned my dream highschool life, spending the days happily laughing/drawing with my friends that shared the anime/manga interest with me and having study sessions, sleepovers you name it. But did I get it? No...I ended up with a bunch of wanabe western asians (nothing implied) that have no compassion whatsoever... and the rest of my year was just a bunch of animals. The year above me however WAS my dream year, but unfortunately I was born a year or two too late. So after several years of dreaded highschool and my beloved upper year friends leaving one at a time, I finally decided to apply for 4 schools in order to enjoy my last two years of highschool. I even did a test and spent an overnight putting my certificates and reports together...and after a few weeks I find this rejection letter on my table. Do you have any idea how dejecting that feels? Spending your whole life with people you can't get along with and only occasionally being able to see the people you CAN get along with...then given this opportunity to start fresh...you lose it. And to sum it up if I have to stay in this wild school I'd have to live a year without my upper year friends. I'm almost at the point of just lying in bed for the rest of my highschool life. If I get three more rejection letters...I can almost predict the breakdown.

Life couldn't get any worse.

SMASH! Cosfest

Was rather fun, but i went on the wrong day...the quiet sunday. But it was still alright! I'll be sure to go on the first day next year! Yes I cosplayed...but wont be posting myself until December's cosplay fest ;D I didn't stay for the yaoi panel T_T Oh and I picked up a new hobby after buying a hibari craft thing!

Here are some of the photos!! Was too lazy to upload them all..so bear with me.

I loved this one. Mainly because I love Nico Robin..and DAMN her face even looks like her!

SebastianXCiel I would've gotten a better picture of this...but I was in a rush.

Noface from spirited away wearing converse =P

Allen <3

<333 Sebastian-kuroshitsuji

A store owner xDD cosplaying Edward Elrich.

This is the second time I've seen this guy cosplay. He's doing a good job as Dante-Devil May Cry

This was the second Hibari Kyouya I saw <33

Hope singapore's cosfest experience will be even better ;D



Ahh yes, it's that time of the year. Holidays, for two weeks. Well there has been alot of birthday parties lately, going to one this thursday too...meaning more cash to burn. A good thing is my Chrome cosplay just arrived yesterday and I'm completely irrevocably in love with it. What I'm ALSO going bling bling about is the 8 free KHR posters that came with it~
I got a Hibari, Mukuro, Yamamoto, Reborn, Tsuna, Chrome, Dino, Gokudera poster on my wall now kufufu...
Oh yea, I'm starting on my Mukuro trident now...just gonna need some gun glue. Just entered a fanfic contest last week for the anime fest next month (highly doubt I'll win) but if I don't I'll be posting it up for people to read. Hibari & Mukuro crack fic!

U know...maybe I'm not cut out for this Vistapad thing O_o ...Luffy looks kinda strange here? (And I also forgot his scar...too late to change now)


WAO. Like seriously. WOW. I'm on lj for once...because I recently got one of those vista pads for my birthday which is coming up on July 2nd... 3 days?! I'm also getting ready for the August cosplay fest, if i can't get the trident ready I'm gonna have to go with a toy owl instead. Yes I'm going as chrome.


R.I.P to michael jackson btw. Sure he liked underage boys...but man can he do the crotch thing. Can't forget the moonwalk.

My first attempt in using the vista pad...epic failure.


Firstly, I shall introduce myself in my codename...
I am asian.
An obsessive anime/manga fan. Definately.
Asian music - Chinese/Japanese/Korean
That is all I have to say.

I'll be posting story entries regularly and occasional blog entries.

Let's hope for a bright beginning =]]

P.S. Have you found it?